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Plan Your Visit

When you plan to visit Queen City Christian Church here are a few things to help make it easier:

We start at 10:30 am. There are people who get there early and a little late. You will be greeted at the door by a friendly, smiling person. 

Our service structure is pretty simple. We'll have a Bible reading to start the service. We sing a few songs that you'll probably be somewhat familiar with. We take communion or the Lord's Supper together. Anyone is welcome to participate in that. 

We dismiss the children for Wee Worship downstairs. You are welcome to bring your child down so they are not so nervous the first time they go. You are also welcome to keep your children with you upstairs. 

Our pastor will give a Biblical, life-applicable message. No matter what your church experience has or has not been you will be able to take something away from the message. 

Our whole service typically lasts about one hour. You are welcome to hang out a bit and visit if you'd like there are several who do. 

You will never be singled out or pressured in any way. You want you to feel welcome at Queen City Christian Church.